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The Gorski Firm is proud to announce that attorney Vincent Gorski receives certification from the

.  As of December 1, 2022, Vincent Gorski is the only California licensed attorney certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization in both Family Law and Bankruptcy Law.

Practice Areas


Our Bakersfield Bankruptcy Lawyers help you file Chapter 7, 11, or 13.  You can either eliminate your debts or repay them over time.


Our Bakersfield Divorce Lawyers provide quality and compassionate representation if you are seeking real solutions in your case.



In limited instances, the court can grant an annulment finding that the marriage is not legally valid.  We successfully apply the complex law related to nullity.


When someone other than a parent seeks custody of a child, we assist potential guardians with the process or help parents and third parties object.


We are experienced and dedicated to maximizing the best interests of your children in divorce, paternity, guardianship, and modification cases.


Understanding the statutory child support formula is important.  We help ensure that the proper information is used to calculate support.


We are experienced in applying the law to calculate the amount and duration of spousal support regardless of whether you are the payor or recipient.


While only available in limited circumstances, we successfully apply the complex law related to setting aside court orders and judgments.


We are experienced in protecting victims of domestic violence and helping those wrongly accused of committing acts of violence.


We help parents establish paternity, create age appropriate parenting plans, and obtain court orders for the proper statutory amount of support. 


We help you protect complex and ordinary assets by properly characterizing, valuing, and dividing the marital assets between the parties.



After a judge makes orders, one or both parents may want to change the order.  We help navigate the court process to obtain modifications of court orders.


Focusing on Family Law and Bankruptcy

We are a Bakersfield, California Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm. We are inspired and dedicated to helping each client achieve their personal and business objectives. We are local, experienced, and affordable.

Our commitment to every client is grounded in one basic principal: to provide high-quality and effective legal services, with proven results, and personal responsive attention. The Gorski Firm provides cost effective and high-quality counsel to individuals and businesses in routine and complex bankruptcy law and family law matters. We are experienced and deliver practical result-oriented service with a “no-nonsense” approach to solving disputes with an aggressive, yet considerate, courtroom posture.

Reliability, Integrity, Respect, Trust, and Loyalty

Our firm was founded on these core values and we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. The Gorski Firm constantly delivers more than its clients and adversaries expect because we expect more from ourselves. We are dedicated and committed to our clients, the community, and public service. We are based in Bakersfield, California and represent clients with routine and complex family law and bankruptcy matters throughout the state.

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We value your business and look forward to helping you. Contact us today for a consultation with one of our attorneys experienced in bankruptcy law or family law. We will aggressively represent your interests, achieve the best interests for you and your children, and help you regain independence from your current legal issues!

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