The Gorski Firm, APC combines tax and estate planning principles with an understanding of each client’s wishes to develop a balanced estate plan.  We develop estate plans for established individuals and families, as well as younger entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to plan their affairs in anticipation of future success.  We will help you design a plan to preserve, protect, and transfer assets before a crisis occurs.  We create plans to give clients the comfort of knowing that their wishes will be carried out.

Our goal with every estate plan is to facilitate the wealth transfer process and minimize the tax burden of our client’s family.

We can assist you with any of the following estate planning issues:

  • Utilization of trusts and other entities designed to take maximum advantage of various exemptions and other measures

  • Planning for the transfer of ownership/management of a family business or other assets

  • Preparation of pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and trusts to protect against undesired spousal claims

  • Planning for catastrophic illness

  • Planning for the care of children

  • Planning for the extended care of children with special needs

Free Consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney:

Estate planning requires an understanding of all areas of law that affect your life.  When we develop an estate plan, we consider the relevant tax, real estate, and business consequences.  Contact The Gorski Firm, APC today for a Free Consultation to discuss how we can help you develop a balanced estate plan.

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