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We recognize that family law matters often involve intense emotions.  Accordingly, we endeavor to minimize conflicts in family law cases with professional conduct and an aggressive, yet considerate, courtroom posture.  We encourage and assist in setting appropriate but firm boundaries when dealing with the other party in a family law dispute.  We assist our clients in staying focused on practical priorities and objectives.

If children are involved in a particular family law matter, we assist our clients in realizing the impact that divorce and conflicting parental views has on their children.  We believe in structuring effective custodial arrangements that meet the best interest of the children and recommend, when possible, co-parenting arrangements.

In all legal matters, we are mindful of the need to be cost effective and to minimize the use of expensive legal processes.  Accordingly, we maintain close communication with clients concerning legal expenses and endeavor to provide projected cost and benefit analyses and alternative options.

Family Law Practice Areas

We provide each client with solutions tailored to the issues of their case.  We handle the following family law matters:


Our Bakersfield Divorce Lawyers provide quality and compassionate representation if you are seeking real solutions in your case.


We help parents establish paternity, create age appropriate parenting plans, and obtain court orders for the proper statutory amount of support. 



In limited instances, the court can grant an annulment finding that the marriage is not legally valid.  We successfully apply the complex law related to nullity.


When someone other than a parent seeks custody of a child, we assist potential guardians with the process or help parents and third parties object.


We are dedicated to maximizing the best interests of your children in divorce, paternity, guardianship, and modification cases.


Understanding California’s statutory child support formula is important.  We help ensure that the proper information is used to calculate support.


We are experienced in applying the law to calculate the amount and duration of spousal support regardless of whether you are the payor or recipient.


We are experienced in protecting victims of domestic violence and helping those wrongly accused of committing acts of violence.


We help you protect complex and ordinary assets by properly characterizing, valuing, and dividing the marital assets between the parties.



After a judge makes orders, one or both parents may want to change the order.  We help navigate the court process to obtain modifications of court orders.


While only available in limited circumstances, we successfully apply the complex law related to setting aside court orders and judgments.

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